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-=Quality’s Breeders herd All Canadian 2012, Valleyville Rae Lynn, Reserve All Canadian Senior 2yr Old 2012, Quality Goldwyn Danzi, Nominated All Canadian Senior 3yr old 2012, Quality Goldwyn Flansco, Nominated All Canadian 5 Yr old 2012.=-

A Super Fancy “Goldchip” Sister to Pine-Tree Sid

Star of the Universe Sale - Download Here

Quality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd calf


Australian Sales Representative

Quality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd calf

We are pleased to announce that Adam Dee from Clydevale Holsteins, Australia, will be representing Quality Holsteins in Australia and New Zealand. Adam will be assisting in marketing embryos from the nucleus of our herd to breeders throughout Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Adam at adam.dee@northernherd.com.au
Our initial offering includes "Aftershock" and "Bradnick" embryos from some the best breeding cows at Quality.


March 2013 Classification

Quality Holsteins was scored on Thursday March 21, and at the end of the day we ended up with 14 new VG-2yr olds, 1 VG-89, three VG-88 , and three VG-87-2nd calvers. We had no new cows to show for Excellent, but we had three multiple EX cows with two daughters of Frantisco by Goldwyn and Blitz raised to EX-92. 

Quality Gibson Finsco EX-95 added to her impressive list of high scored daughters, with 2 VG-87-2yr olds and one VG-86-2yr old. All three are sired by Goldwyn.

Quality Gibson Ficoe VG-88 had a great day with a VG-89-1st calf, Quality Gold Flineu and a VG-86-2yr old by “Mac”.  These are 2 of 13 VG-2yr olds out of Ficoe. 

Quality Shottle Fixi scored VG-87-2yrold. Fixi is the dam of the highest genomic calf ever at Quality, Quality Mogul Fixi, 2689 DGV, +20 Type and +2280 GTPI.  This amazing calf sells at the Taste of Ontario Canadian Convention sale on April 10.

We are also very excited with our most recent addition of Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia.  This recently fresh Aftershock from the All Canadian Salem Goldwyn Theresa EX-94, scored VG-87-2yr old and is owned with Futurecrest Holsteins.

Quality BlitzFran EX-92-2EQuality BlitzFran EX-92-2E Quality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd calfQuality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd calf Quality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd CalfQuality Bolton Fiscon VG-89-2nd Calf
Quality Gold Flineu VG-89-1st calfQuality Gold Flineu VG-89-1st calf Quality Dundee Flinco VG-88-2nd calfQuality Dundee Flinco VG-88-2nd calf Quality Goldwyn Fantz  VG-86-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Fantz VG-86-2yr old
Quality Mac Foko VG-86-2yr oldQuality Mac Foko VG-86-2yr old Quality Design Faki VG-86-2yr oldQuality Design Faki VG-86-2yr old Aftershock Tahlia VG-87-2yr oldAftershock Tahlia VG-87-2yr old
Aftershock Tahlia VG-87-2yr oldAftershock Tahlia VG-87-2yr old Quality Dundee Flinco VG-88-2nd Calf RUQuality Dundee Flinco VG-88-2nd Calf RU Quality Goldwyn Fice VG-87-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Fice VG-87-2yr old
Quality Goldwyn Fincan VG-86-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Fincan VG-86-2yr old Quality Goldwyn Golfie VG-87-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Golfie VG-87-2yr old Quality Goldwyn Golfie FU VG-87-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Golfie FU VG-87-2yr old
  Quality Goldwyn Golfie RU VG-87-2yr oldQuality Goldwyn Golfie  RU VG-87-2yr old  



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A Record Breaking Year

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One Of A Kind - Quality Goldwyn Flansco


One Of A Kind - Quality Goldwyn Flansco

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One Of A Kind - Quality Goldwyn Flansco

Amazing from every angle - Valleyville Rae Lynn

Valleyville Rae Lynn


Canada’s first Canadian Bred third Generation EX-95 cow!

Quality Goldwyn Flansco

Her dam Quality Gibson Finsco EX-95

Her 2nd Dam Quality BC Frantisco EX-96


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