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2012 Curtis Clark Achievement Award


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A “Quality day at the Royal”!



Quality Goldwyn FlanscoQuality MA FinieDanzi

First Breeders herd, Quality Goldwyn Flansco Ex-95, Qualty M A Finie EX-92, Quality Goldwyn Danzi VG-89. 


site element Valleyville Rae Lynn Valleyville Rae Lynn site element

Second Senior 2Yr old, Valleyville Rae Lynn VG-89-2yr.



4th Senior 3yr Old & Best bred & Owned in Class, Quality Gold Danzi VG-89-3yr old.


Quality Goldwyn Flansco

6th 5 Year old, Quality Goldwyn Flansco EX-94-95 Mammary.

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Exciting Offer!

6 IVF (Female sorted semen) Goldwyn x Dam of Pine-Tree Sid, Pine Tree 
Finley Minnie
EX-91-CAN-DOM available!


-= Royal Sales 2012 =-

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Quality Sale royal 2012

Thank you to Ferme Gillette and Donnanview Farms for purchasing Windbrook Forgiven

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Autumn Opportunity Show 2012

Quality Goldwyn Flansco EX-94

Quality Goldwyn Flansco EX-94
Quality Goldwyn Flansco EX-94

1st 5yr old and Grand Champion


Quality Gold Danzi VG-89

Quality Gold Danz VG-89
Quality Gold Danzi VG-89

1st Senior 3yr old, Intermediate Champion, Reserve Grand Champion


Gerran Roy Grendell VG-89

1st 4yr old Autumn Opportunity & pulled in for Champion

Gerran Roy Grendell VG-89

August 2012 Classification

Quality Holsteins had another great classification day on Wednesday. We scored 24 cows and when the day was over we ended up with 7 VG two year  olds, 1 VG-89- second calver, two VG-88 2nd calvers, three new Excellent  and 5 multiple E cows. Only a month fresh with her 3rd calf, Quality Goldwyn Flansco scored EX-94 with an EX-95 udder score. Her recently fresh maternal sister by Final Cut scored EX-92 and continues to develop everyday. After a strong 3rd place showing in the incredible Senior  3yr old class at last weeks Ontario Summer Show, Quality Goldwyn Danzi  scored VG-89.


Show Update:

Valleyville Rae Lynn

Valleyville Rae Lynn

Valleyville Rae Lynn

Valleyville Rae Lynn

Valleyville Rae Lynn VG-89 

The #1 Type Cow in Canada at +18

& 1st Prize Senior 2Yr old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2012 Ontario Spring Show!

1-11 305d Proj. 29,026 4.3 1237 3.2 933  340  387  341



Markridge Goldwyn Emilyne VG-89

1st Prize Senior 3Yr old Ontario Spring Show 2012


Purchase Announcement

Thank you to Siemers Holsteins for their purchase of Quality Sanchez Faith and to Ami Lasecki for her purchase of Glendyer Goldwyn Gwen.  Good luck with these exciting purchases!

GORGEOUS GWEN Lot 79 at the Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase Sale


Faith in Frantisco Lot 58 in the Siemers Spring Showcase Sale

Faith in Frantisco Lot 58Faith in Frantisco Lot 58




Another great classification at Quality on only 19 head scored!

3 New Excellents, 5 Multiple E's, 3 VG-89-2nd Calvers & 4 VG-2yr olds

Quality Dundee F Glena EX-93
Dundee Glena EX-93

Quality Bolton Flafsco Bolton Flafsco VG-89, 212-0292

Quality Bolton Flafsco
Bolton Flafsco

Quality Goldwyn Emilane VG-89-2nd calf
Goldwyn Emilane VG-89

Quality Goldwyn Gwen VG-89-2nd Calf
Goldwyn Gwen VG-89

Quality Goldwyn Gwen
Goldwyn Gwen

Quality Bolton Lisette VG-2Yr old
Bolton Lisette VG









Dundee F Glena impressed all with a great score of EX-93 points. Glena is a stylish Dundee out of a VG-88 2yr old Gibson daughter of the great Quality BC Frantisco EX-96. Unfortunately we lost Glena's dam on her second lactation. She was destined to be one of Frantisco's greatest daughters but is leaving her mark through her daughters.

Bolton Flafsco VG-89-2nd calf is another impressive daughter of Frantisco. This tremendous uddered dairy machine looks fantastic. Flafsco has a great future and we are excited to work with another great daughter of Frantisco. We intend to start flushing Flafsco in a couple of months.

Goldwyn Emilane VG-89-2nd calf is an exciting Sr. 3yr old for 2012. She is only a week fresh, and looks amazing every day. We are excited to show this modern dairy cow in 2012.

Goldwyn Gwen VG-89 is a tall long dairy impressive Sr. 3 Yr old for 2012. This 64 inch beautiful uddered cow sells March 30 at the Siemers Holststeins Spring Showcase sale. This is a unique opportunity to work 
with a great young cow.

Bolton Lisette VG-2yr old is another great uddered Bolton. This cow has a great future and we are excited to watch her develop.

Frantisco's daughters had another great day with a new EX Final cut, a VG-89-2nd calf Bolton a VG-88 Drake and another VG-2yr old by Goldwyn. She was also the Grand Dam of the new EX-93 Dundee Glena and a VG-2yr old Leduc from her EX-94 Gibson and a VG-2Yr old ReDesign from an EX Goldwyn.

Quality Carlton Pam EX-97 added another Excellent daughter with Quality  Goldwyn Pomi EX-91.



Thank you to Sudview Holsteins, Kensington, P.E.I. for purchasing Damion Dixie. Good luck in developing and breeding from Dixie!

Danzi consignment ad


Congratulations to Paul for winning the 2011 Breeder of Distinction Award!

Quality Goldwyn Flinso

November Classification

Another amazing classification at Quality. We had three cows classify at maximum scores with Quality Ter Folice scoring EX-95 on her 3rd calf. Quality MA Finie scored VG-89 3Yr old. All four sisters from Quality Gibson Finscoe EX-95 are now at the maximum score of VG-89. The newest highlight at Quality, Valleyville Rae Lynn, scored VG-89 as a milking yearling. Lynn is out of an Excellent Champion sister to Gold MIssy and was 1st prize Milking Yearling at this years Autumn Opportunity Show.

The first prize Sr. 2Yr old at Autumn Opportunity, Quality Gold Danzi scored VG-88. We had a total of 6 new VG-2Yr olds and three new Excellent cows.

County Show

Have a look at Quality Goldwyn Flinso VG-89 and Quality MA Finie from our county show.  They were Grand and Reserve.  Both are sisters to Flansco and will be at the Royal in the Sr. 3 class.

Quality Goldwyn Flinso Quality Goldwyn Flinso
Quality Goldwyn Flinso Quality Goldwyn Flinso Quality MA Finie

September 2011 Classification:

Quality Holsteins is proud to release it Fall 2011 Classification results. Click the images to see the advertisment or click here to download the PDF.

Quality Classification

August 2011 Classification:

A record breaking classification day at Quality Farms.  Quality BC Frantisco EX-96, twice Grand and Supreme Champion at the Royal Winter Fair, had five new Excellent, two Multiple Excellents and three VG first calf daughters.  Three of the Excellent cows are sired by Goldwyn, one by each Outside, Blitz, Dundee and Allen. The VG first calvers are sired by Final Cut, Bolton and Jasper. Frantisco’s grand daughter sired by Goldwyn, Quality Goldwyn Flinso, and out of  the 95 point Quality Gibson Finsco, scored VG-89 on her second lactation.  Many believe this Goldwyn to be the best young cow at Quality Farms since Frantisco. In total we had 6 new Excellents, 7 Multiple Excellents and 7 VG first calvers .  Included in the Multiple Excellents was a 95 point Leduc maternal sister to the dam of RokyMountain Talent Licorice, Idee Leduc Lakita and a 94 point Gibson, Dandyland Gibson Razzle.  Both of these cows will part of our show string this fall. 


August 2011 Update:

Quality MA Finie VG-88-2Yr, was 2nd prize Sr. 3Yr. old, best udder and best bred and owned in class, and, was also Hon. Mention Intermediate Champion at the Ontario Summer Show 2011.

Crestlea Astro Karen EX-96 was 1st prize Mature cow at the Ontario Summer Show 2011.


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June 2011 Update:

Two new advertisments: Dynamic Duo and Fablous Flansco

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Dynamic-duo-adFabulos Flansco

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Dynamic Duo

Fabulos Flansco



April 2011 Update:

March 2011 Classification

March ended off with a "bang" with a great classification and fantastic results at the 2011 Ontario Spring Discovery show.

We are pleased to announce that we had seven new Very Good 2yr olds, 4 at 87 points! We also had four new Excellent cows including the mother of Pine-Tree Sid, Pine-Tree Finley Minnie.  Minnie scored EX-91 with a 92 on Mammary and 93 on Dairy Strength. Quality BC Frantisco had a great day with an 89 point 2nd calf Outside, an 87 point Bolton and an 86 point Final Cut daughters, as well as an 87 point Shottle and Dundee grand daughters. Quality Carlton Pam added another Excellent daughter with a Blitz that scored EX-91 only three weeks fresh.

March 2011 Classification Picture

Braedale-Baxter-Metric--VG-87-March-2011 Final-Cut-x-Pam-March-2011 Pine-Tree-Finley-Miinnie-EX-91-March-2011 Quality-Bolton-Flafsco-VG-87-2YR-March-2011 Outside Flora VG 89 2nd calf March 2011 Quality-Shottle-Grand-VG-87-March-2011 Udder-of-Quality-Bolton--Flafsco-March-2011


2011 Spring Show

We were thrilled to be named Premier Exhibitor at the Ontario Spring Discovery Show 2011.  Our EX-96 Mature cow, Crestlea Astro Karen was named Grand Champion. Quality Goldwyn Flansco was 1st prize 4yr old and Best udder in class and a member of our first prize Breeders herd. 

Pictures from 2011 Spring Show

Quality Goldwyn FlanscoQuality Goldwyn Flansco VickiGorgeous Goldwyn Flansco Crestlea Astro Karen Show Day Quality Goldwyn Flansco Show Day Quality Goldwyn Flansco Show Day rear shotQuality Goldwyn Flinso Show Day Quality Goldwyn Flinso Show Day Rear Quality Leduc Skely Show day



February Update

We flushed three cows on Friday and which was a unique day in the breed.  We flushed a 97, 95 and 94 point cow all in the same day.  Quality Carlton Pam EX-97-6E to Pine-Tree Sid, Quality Gibson Finsco EX-95-3E and Quality Gibson Fantisco EX-94-3E to  Crackholm Fever.  Finsco is the dam of all three members of the our All Canadian breeders herd in 2010 and Fantisco is her full sister.  Both are daughters of Quality BC Frantisco EX-96, twice Supreme and Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair.
We were also notified by Holstein Canada that Quality Gibson Finsco and Quality BC Frantisco are only the second dam and daughter to be scored 95 and 96 points. 

News released by the Holstein Journal:

In the Breeder’s Herd class, the All-Canadian win by Quality Holsteins, Vaughan, Ont., marks the seventh time that Paul Ekstein and his son Ari have captured top honours in this class, the most of any breeder in the history of the contest. This three-time Master Breeder has earned a record 20 nominations in the Breeder’s Herd class over the years. In addition to their seven All-Canadians, Quality Holsteins has shown six Reserve and three Honourable Mention Breeder’s Herds to date.
We have purchased the dam of the #3 Type bull in Canada, Pine-Tree Sid.  Pine-Tree Finley Minnie EX-90 is fresh with her third calf in December, and arrived at Quality on February 1. 


All Canadian Results

Quality Holsteins Fab Four

Quality is proud to announce that three of the “Fab Four” of Quality have been named as All Canadian Breeders Herd 2010


Pine-Tree Finley Minnie EX, the dam of Pine-Tree Sid arrives at Quality Holsteins!


Quality Holsteins is proud to advise on our most recent classification.

December 2010 Classification Pictures
Quality Gibson Finsco, The dam of the "Fab Four" scored EX-95 3E
Quality M A Finie, Final Cut member of the "Fab Four" scored VG-88, 1st Lactation
Quality Goldwyn Flansco, Goldwyn member of the "Fab Four" scored VG-89, 2nd lactation
Crestlea Astro Karen, 4th Prize Five year old at the RAWF scored EX-96

8 two year olds were classified with 6 scoring Very good. Included in this young group of cows was one of the " Fab Four" of Quality, Quality MA Finie at VG-88, sired by Gillette Final Cut. Finies's maternal sister by Goldwyn, Quality Goldwyn Flansco scored the maximum score for a second calver at VG-89. Their Dam Quality Gibson Finsco now has four daughters scored at Quality, Goldwyn Fisin VG-89-2y, Goldwyn Flinso VG-88-2y, MA Finie VG 88-2y and Goldwyn Flansco VG-89-3y. Flansco, Flinso and Finie were the members of our first prize breeders herd at this years Royal Winter Fair.

This exciting day continued when the dam of the "Fab Four" Quality Gibson Finsco scored EX-95-3E. Fresh since the middle of October with her fifth calf, this amazing cow looks better than ever. Finsco's Dam is the great Quality BC Frantisco EX-96-3E 15*, twice Royal Grand Champion and Cow of the Year winner in 2005.

Another exciting cow Crestlea Astro Karen scored EX-96. Karen was fourth place 5Yr old at this years Royal Winter Fair. This youthful cow has a great future in the show ring and we look forward to showing her again in 2011.